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We are a prominent construction job service company committed to providing top-notch service. Through climate-controlled buildings and customised growing solutions, we develop and equip commercial growing systems to assist reach the highest levels of output and productivity.


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Our dedicated staff of experts is available to our valued clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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We provide a complete solution to our clients' needs with the assistance of our skilled team members who assist you with all your expectation


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We provide a wide range of services to both businesses and individuals. Greentech is glad to assist you in finding a solution to whatever your requirements, issues, or concerns are.

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Whatever your requirements, from simple shade screens, blackout systems or external screens and shade halls, Greentach Industries Limited can provide you with the greatest designs and materials available to assist you meet your growing needs.

Smart Shelters

We build residences with ventilation, waste disposal, on-site hygiene, medical/personal equipment, storage needs, and signs, among other things. It includes patient care areas as well as supporting services such as nursing, laboratory, common rooms, other staff facilities, and vital service needs. The emphasis is on construction materials, technology, and cost.

Greenhouse Repair

In our comprehensive greenhouse repair service we offer both permanent and interim greenhouse repairs to keep your business active in the short term

Urgent Repairs

We complete all urgent tasks in accordance with customer specifications Our professionals use latest machines and techniques to build sturdy of various sizes and dimensions .

New Builds

We build a wide range of greenhouse solutions for a variety of applications, including events, corporate social responsibility projects, private residences, algae production, solar sludge, and non-horticulture glass structures.


We can Re-Skinning your greenhouse fast and efficiently to minimize downtime and ensure you receive the best service possible.
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Cravo Specialist

We are specialised in Cravo Installation which is fully retractable greenhouse according to customer requirements.

Animal Shelters

We build dairy farm winter sheds for farmers. The Greentech farm workshop serves as more than simply a smart economic investment; it also serves as the farm's core and a farmer's refuge in bad weather. When animals are kept inside and out of the elements throughout the winter, their development rates improve.
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Glasshouse Repair

All varieties of glasshouse structures have been erected and restored by our Maintenance and Restoration Team.


Do you Need Help With Greenhouse building and Maintenance?

We build and maintain greenhouses with best-of-class products. We can handle extensive damage to restoration with a speedy response time.

We are always willing to help.